10 Reasons Why Saying ”I Love You” too Soon Is Not a Good Idea

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Do you sometimes find yourself saying “I love you” too early? Learn why waiting to say those magic words can make the relationship better.

When you fall in love with someone, it’s hard to hold back from jumping headlong into the relationship. In this instance, you are particularly captivated by his charms.

It might be challenging to refrain from saying “I love you”.

  • When is the right time to say I love you?
  • Even when you believe it’s time to say I Love You, why do you have to wait a little bit before saying those words?
  • Are you saying I love you too soon?

Love, the real one, can take some time to manifest. It may be that you have to fall for someone you met on a date, or after your first kiss.

But that is far from it! But I can assure you these examples are a few of the steps that can lead to that thing called TRUE LOVE.

Is It Wrong to Say I Love You Too Soon?

If I’m honest, it’s never wrong to say I love you. After all, if you feel it, you feel it. What’s the point of hiding your feelings for someone?

I Love You

Sometimes, expressing your true feelings to someone can be the best thing, especially when it’s reciprocated.

But the question is What if you’re seeing someone who is still considering you as a potential long-term partner but is unsure of his true feelings yet?

If you rush things by professing your love to someone who is not yet ready, you could ‘blow’ the relationship away. Even if you thought you were very much together.

So, the advice will be for you to wait. It’s always best to wait a little longer than to rush things and risk losing the relationship.

Here Are 10 Reasons Why Saying I Love You Too Soon Can Be Tricky

If you love someone or waiting to say I love you for the first time. Keep these ten reasons in mind and Test the relationship first. And after reading these ten reasons and you believe you have a good chance, then do not hesitate to say the three magic words to the person you love.

1. Are you an obsessive lover?

Some are. Some jump from one relationship to another. Some can’t stay single. Some love to be in love, and some need love to feel complete.

These people usually end up saying “I love you” even without realising if they are in love with that person or not.

During the dating phase, instead of being self-convinced that you have met the right one, try ‘build’ the love together with that person.

2. Love Not Reciprocated

If saying “I love you” to the person you are currently seeing, and he doesn’t reciprocate the love, the relationship will suffer a setback.

Sometimes, this creates insecurities and embarrassment, leaving one confused and the other angry.

Except you are madly in love and care less about the situation. If not, avoid saying it.

3. A Big Misunderstanding

Saying “I love you” early in the relationship might make him think you are really not in love with him after all. or you are saying it simply to please him.

To be honest, this can be the worst thing that can happen to you, as those magical words have lost all meaning to that person.

4. How Well Do You Know Each Other?

People become obsessed with each other at first sight. But they don’t fall in love! But you love him because you love everything about him.

So, the question would be: How well do you know the person you are dating? What do you know about his exes? How many relationships has he had in the past? What are his likes and dislikes? What about his character etc.?

Always make notes about the person you are dating, and get to know him before professing your love.

6. Are You Insecure?

Please do yourself a favour and ask yourself this question, and while you are at it, answer it as well.

Are you sincerely saying “I love you” to this particular person to cover all your insecurities? Are you saying I love you to belong?!

If you want to express or show your love to him, do it for the right reasons!

7. You Are Stuck?

If one of you says “I love you” and the other person replies without a second thought, you might end up stuck in that relationship. Because it happened too fast and you didn’t give yourself time to think about it.

Think wisely before making any decision. Better safe than sorry.

Understand your relationship first before jumping to conclusions to regret it later.

8. Pressure Doesn’t Always Help

Once a secret is known it cannot be unknown.

Question? What if the person you are currently seeing doesn’t want to be exclusive with you? Yes, maybe he’s in love with you, but he’s unsure of what actions to take towards you.

Remember, at this stage, you might be at a point of no return. You will not be able to retract what has been said. Having to decide something promptly, could drive the person you love away from you.

9. Test Your Love

For you to say “I Love You” and hear him say it in return, you need to learn how to play safely.

Instead of saying the love word show it through actions. Don’t use words, but rather romantic gestures instead. If he understands your intentions, rest assured he will reciprocate.

If the person you are currently in talks with, isn’t looking for something serious as you, then all the affection you are giving to him will definitely make him feel uncomfortable.

10. See How They React to Your Love

You will know if the person you’re going out with loves you. If he loves you, he will not hesitate to appreciate you with some romantic gestures.
For example: buying you gifts, going on holiday, or doing something he knows will make you happy.

If this happens, you have gotten confirmation as he has to fall for you. Instead, if he doesn’t give you any sign or demonstration of affection, then he needs more time.

It All Becomes More Transparent. Generally, a more extended courtship allows for a long-lasting relationship. So, why give up so easily? Why can’t you have patience?
Being too excited can make you say “I love you” too soon. It becomes a problem when the other person’s intentions aren’t in line with yours, which might end the relationship quicker than expected.
It is best to understand what made you fall in love with him first than rushing into it. So take your time!

And So When Is It The Best Time to Say I Love You?
A good rule is that both of you should seriously hang out at least for a month.
To some, it may seem that everything is happening too fast, but not for others. A month of dating should be the ideal time frame to understand the person you are dating and possibly express your love.

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