5 Signs Your Man May Not Be Serious Enough To Propose

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Are you hooked up with a man for years now, yet he doesn’t seem to be anywhere near proposing? Whenever you allude to marriage, does he become evasive?

Love may be one huge leap into the dark, but before you take this leap, you must be sure to minimise the risks! Women are often on the receiving end of disappointments, heartbreaks, and break-ups in a relationship.

Here are some signs that will betray a man’s unwillingness to propose:

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You are always made to play the second fiddle and appear less important in his life

When you notice that he prefers to spend more time with friends and relations rather than with you, it is clear that this is not a good sign.

Although we need our individual spaces, we still need to cultivate relationships that will include other loved ones; relegating you to the background is a willful choice.

He is not zealous enough to take you out

Indoor stay-put could be a negative strait for some men but whereby he does not deem it fit to take you out for cinema or other social engagements, not because they cannot afford it, if this is the situation, then either he is seeing someone else or he does not love you enough to want to take you out.

He is a master of procrastination and changes the topic each time you want to discuss the future

When he avoids discussing a future life together and finds every available reason to avoid contact with your people, or when he postpones decisions that touch on your marriage, then a proposal is not forthcoming.

Even where he intends to surprise you, a healthy future relationship requires the robbing of minds.

He does not see anything good in any of your friends

When he does not seem to see or find anything good and interesting in your friends, including a trusted bosom friend, If this is the case, perhaps he has things to hide and does not want your friends to see his weakness or deceit.

His love and tenderness come and goes like ‘NEPA’ power supply

When he calls you the love of his life and kisses you passionately, and the next day he finds fault with your hair, your dress, and your looks, then something is undoubtedly wrong, especially if he gets nasty with his comments and corrections.

There may well be other signs that will suggest that he is just taking you for a ride. You may want to let us know some of them.

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