Love Is Blind’s Bliss & Zack Are Expecting Their First Baby

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A baby is on the way! Finally!

Bliss and Zach, from a popular reality TV show, “Love is Blind”, recently unveiled the news.

They’re expecting a baby! They shared the news on Instagram, their announcement sparked immense joy among friends and fellow cast members. Bliss, in her Instagram post on November 21st, expressed profound gratitude, dubbing Zach as “Baby G’s” fortunate dad. Their friends, equally thrilled, poured in congratulations and anticipation for the little one’s arrival.

The journey to this moment wasn’t a conventional one. Bliss recalled the shocking revelation to People magazine, mentioning that though they had actively pursued this new chapter, the confirmation came as unexpected news. She remembered feeling a bit queasy, prompting her to take the test alone to surprise Zach.

The morning confirmation brought a surreal shock, catching both of them off guard. Zach, elated by the news, confessed to feeling incredibly happy, expressing their joint feeling of immense blessing.

Their story isn’t a linear path but rather a series of unexpected turns. Initially, Zach’s engagement with Irena set a different course. However, fate intervened, leading him back to Bliss.

Despite the unconventional start, both Bliss and Zach find beauty in their narrative. They mused about their future child telling the tale of their unusual beginnings, believing it to be a valuable lesson in the complexities of relationships.

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They emphasized the importance of embracing imperfections, acknowledging that life isn’t always a straight line, and mistakes can be remedied.

We wish them the very best.

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