What are Hormones and Why The Extra Pounds

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At what age does it start? And what are the recurring questions we ask in these phases of our lives?

In adolescence, Hormones are puberty. Puberty is a crucial aspect of our lives that we all experience at a very young age.

Sometimes, it is difficult to compress these changes. Small changes appear through hormonal outbreaks every girl or boy experiences.

In girls, puberty arrives with their first menstruation, which occurs around the age of 15. Although recent studies have shown the difference in the last century, age differs.

The first menstrual cycle can arrive earlier than stated, around the age of 11-12. In boys, it begins later, around age 13.

Our bodies will experience many changes as we get older. We will all grow into the body of an adult.

Appetite and Hormonal Changes

A teenager’s nutrition depending on the stage of adolescence needs to be rich and healthy.

The calorie consumption of an adolescent should be around 2500 daily. It’s important not to overlook the daily calories; it should be a balanced diet example:

  • Proteins
  • Healthy carbohydrates
  • Foods high in vitamins
  • Calcium
  • Fruits and vegetables

It is safe to say it varies.

Balanced Diet

Through many factors, the increase in appetite can regulate, that includes hormonal ones. Remember, we must pay attention to the psychological aspect that plays a crucial role in this phase of life.

The sex hormone promotes weight gain, primarily if inadequate physical activity occurs.

Physical activity is another essential aspect in other to prevent weight gain. Which sometimes can be very intense, especially with males.

Hormonal changes can cause inconsistency in the relationship with food. This inconsistency can cause weight fluctuation. So, It is possible to alter the periods of hunger with the lack of appetite.

Water retention is one of the aspects of weight gain.
It is crucial to reduce the intake of salt. Added salt and salty foods: french fries, preserved anchovies etc.

The situation becomes very delicate when it comes to gaining extra pounds. It is crucial to understand the relationship with food among young people.

Hormones: The Relationship with Food During Adolescence

The teenager will then experience the loss of the infant’s body.

Water Retention

During the growth phase, hormonal changes can lead to excessive weight loss or uncontrolled weight gain.
Every physical change will need radical changes, both from a psychological and mental point of view.

How to Moderate the Effects of Hormonal Changes

In general, weight gain is not essentially caused by nutrition deficiencies. It’s sometimes when not followed by an appropriate diet, especially among girls.

It is necessary to help adolescents keep their diet the same. The needs vary, especially with proteins, minerals and vitamins.

There are foods capable of altering the effect of hormonal changes in the body. Different studies state the benefits of chocolate. But always pay attention to the high caloric value in each package; another is omega 3.

Omega 3 is present in fish, walnuts and almonds. A study also shows that a diet that is too low in sugar can help reduce mood swings.

How Should Parents Behave?

Parents have to deal with the constant Globe External Evolution. It is crucial to know the social and cultural changes and new technologies available.


Parents generally would like their children to make the right choices in life. Protecting and helping make the right decisions. The adolescent needs to explore and make several mistakes to grow into becoming an adult.

The behaviour a parent should consider is the encouragement of independence and autonomy.

It is necessary to instil trust, respect and consideration. Remember that

learning is by making mistakes

Teenager growth progresses through separation from parents towards becoming adults.

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