Margaret Brownson Usen Biography Here Are 10 Best Things You Should Know About Peter Obi’s Wife

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Margaret Obi Biography

Margaret Brownson Usen also known as the wife of Peter Obi, is from Akwa Ibom State. Margaret Obi’s age is 51; She was born on the 9th of September 1971 into the Brownson Usen family.
Margaret Obi wife of Peter Obi got married in England to H.E Mr Peter Gregory Obi in 1992. Together, they have two children: Gregory Peter Oseloka Obi and Gabriella Nwamaka Frances Obi.

Margaret Brownson Usen

Margaret Brownson Usen did not enjoy the luxury of becoming the first lady during her husband’s administration Margaret focused on empowering women and improving child protection services

Her inclusive leadership style has also enabled her to collaborate with various agencies.

She assisted her husband in achieving his vision of the “ANIDS” Anambra State Integrated Development.

Margaret worked with the state, the Federal Government, and the donor community, which seeks to create equal access and opportunities for all state citizens that will guarantee self-reliance & actualization within a safe & sustainable environment in Anambra State.

Wife of Peter Obi Here are The Following Examples Will Help Throw More Light on Margaret’s Outstanding Achievements

Margaret Brownson Usen
  1. To end gender-based violence, Margaret pursued and helped promote gender equity in Anambra State. She saw the creation of the family courts in the State’s Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Social Development “MWASD”.
    The MWASD aim was to deal with issues involving the abuse of children. E.g. child labour or exploitation and violation of women’s rights, especially windows. Their objective was to ensure they were not denied access to their husband’s properties.
  2. She partnered with the National Agency For The Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons “NAPTIP” to rehabilitate female victims of trafficking.
  3. The Children’s Parliament. Regarding Children’s Rights to participate, Margaret assisted in the MWASD 3rd inauguration in Anambra State.
    She was the one who facilitated the extension of immunization & other essential healthcare services to the remotest parts of the state.
  4. Margaret also helped to develop the Anambra State’s Annual Mothers Summit. The summit aims to accelerate grassroots and community development through the participation of women in decision-making and community administration in the spirit of gender mainstreaming and equity.
  5. As the chairperson of the National Women Coalition of HIV-AIDS (NAWOCA) in the Anambra State Chapter, Margaret sponsored the participation of Anambra Youths living with the virus.
    They were able to attend the International Conference on AIDS in Mexico in 2008.
    Margaret helped initiate the periodic distribution of Nutritional Grants to women living positively in their support groups.
  6. Margaret also assisted in setting up graduates of the state-owned Vocational Skill Acquisition Centre to run their businesses: in the spirit of promoting self-reliance and tackling unemployment.
  7. She managed the disbursement of grants for dry-season agricultural equipment, including irrigation machines, to women’s cooperatives engaged in dry-season farming; This helped the women in the production of Agricultural goods in the state and helped them support their families.
  8. She also assisted women and girls; She assisted the physically challenged ones with equipment grants like sewing machines, assorted confectionaries, shoemaking, hairdressing machines etc.
    In 2008, these achievements were featured in the women’s summit, and in 2009, during the International Women’s Day celebration in the State.
  9. Her most outstanding accomplishment with incomparable altruistic disposition and maternal love was her touring 177 communities of the State in 2008.
    During this period, she instituted two demand-responsive and community-specific intervention funds; The Women Empowerment Support Fund and the vulnerable children’s welfare sustenance support intervention funds.
    These funds, in their first phases of implementation, received 10 women & 10 children from each community. The women were given grants to boost their trades, while the children were given scholarships.
  10. Lastly, some of these enlisted achievements, though not all, are still very much running to date, e.g. programs assisting women with multiple baths, scholarships, and business funds.

Margaret is also known non to be a controversial person. She never held any political office during or after the emergence of her husband as governor; instead, she remained behind the scenes.

The only time she was out on the media was in 2017: when she debunked rumours about the pending divorce with her husband, which she described as the height of wickedness.

Ladies, Remember Behind every successful man there is a woman.

It’s good Nigerians also look at the character attributes and backgrounds of their prospective first lady because whether we like it or not, they also influence the strengths & weaknesses of every decision taken.

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