Do you Have Dry Skin 10 Super Moisturising Natural Home Remedies

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Dry skin is a commonly known problem that affects millions of women.

The skin is the largest organ. Its job is to protect us from the environment. It’s responsible for how we look on the outside.

What are the causes? The cells at the surface level retain liquid, resulting in skin dehydration.


What are the common symptoms?

 The skin gets rough and tighter, therefore resulting in the skin cracking and itchy.

When it comes to dry skin type, what measures should you take that will help?

You can start by acting on natural remedies and choosing the right one for your skin. It is possible to improve your skin to have more toned, elastic, and healthier skin from the comfort of your home.


Here are ten good DIY home remedies for dry skin. These remedies will help fight dry skin.

Coffee Scrub

Before adding moisture back into the skin, it is necessary to prepare the skin for it. The removal of dead cells from the skin is an important step.

To do so, buy or prepare a gentle scrub using natural ingredients.

Coffee is an excellent example. It helps fight water retention.


  • Mix six coffee grounds;
  • Six tablespoons of brown sugar;
  • Ten tablespoons of olive oil;
  • Apply on wet skin;
  • Massage it in a circular motion into the skin;
  • Leave it on for a few minutes.
  • Thoroughly rinse off and nourish the skin.

Thanks to the oil present in this mixture. It will help you restore hydration to the skin.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is applied to dry skin. It has high emollient and healing properties that help the skin. Shea butter helps fight excessive dryness by increasing the production of the cells in the skin and healing the cracks on the skin.


  • Apply on the areas that need treatment immediately after a shower;
  • Leave it overnight.

In a few days, you will notice a difference. You will have a softer and more elastic skin texture.

Your skin will thank you later.

Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil is known for its emollient and restoring motion into the skin. It is rich in vitamins A and E and is suitable for dry skin. 


  • Applying the oil directly to the skin can be too greasy and annoying; instead, spread the oil on your damp skin after the shower. That way, the skin absorbs it faster. 

Almond oil is an excellent ally to fight against stretch marks.

Calendula Oil

Calendula oil is an extraordinary oil when it comes to dry skin. It has high nourishing and anti-inflammatory elements that help with irritation and redness.


  • Apply on damp skin for better absorption.

Chamomile Oil – Essential oil

Chamomile oil is an extracted oil obtained from the chamomile plant. This extract is rich in functional compounds that make chamomile oil essential for dry skin.

Its protective action on the skin helps with redness and itching. It is calming, soothing and anti-inflammatory.


  • You should not apply chamomile oil directly on dry skin, as you will have greased skin afterwards. Instead, spread the oil on damp skin, as the skin will absorb it more quickly.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is an ingredient we can all find in our homes.


  • Add a cup of baking soda into the hot tub(we don’t recommend not boiling)
  • Soak yourself in for 20-30 minutes.
  • Pat your skin with a soft towel after bathing.
  • Nourish the skin afterwards.

Apply on certain parts of your body if your skin is dry. Prepare the paste using three parts of baking soda and one part of mineral water.

  • Mix the solution thoroughly before you apply the mixture to the affected areas. Leave it for a few minutes.

Avena Sativa Oats

Avena Sativa Oats are another remedy for dry skin. It is rich in vitamin E.

Avena is an anti-inflammatory compound and antioxidant. It helps soothe dryness and irritation by giving immediate relief.


  • Add a cup of Oats into a hot tub, and soak yourself in it for 20-30 minutes. 
  • Towel dry with a soft cloth after the bath. 

For treatment in a specific area, mix three parts oats and one part mineral water.

  • Leave for a few minutes on the affected areas and then rinse.

Result? Soft and smooth skin!



Honey is an anti-irritant. It is suitable for sensitive skin.

It has moisturising properties and is rich in antioxidants, ideal for dry skin.
It helps keep the skin smooth, soft and hydrated.

Honey – Face Mask


  • Spread a little on the skin before bathing
  • After 20 minutes, rinse it off.

Honey is also safe to use as a face mask.


  • 100 grams of honey;
  • 100 grams of beeswax;
  • 100 grams of olive oil;
  • Mix;
  • Apply on areas with dry skin;
  • Leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is known as the “miracle plant” because of its numerous benefits.

The skin is hydrated, relieved, and nourished. It helps stop the formation of wrinkles by promoting the regeneration of the skin tissue.

We recommend you alternate it with oils or any nourishing product.


  • Apply a few drops to the affected area.
  • Leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains high nourishing and nourishing properties.

Coconut oil and oils like chamomile or rosehip oil can enhance their nourishing effects when mixed with these oils.


  • Spread a little on wet skin. It will help increase its emollient effect on the skin.

Hydrate The Skin From The Inside

Dry Skin - Drink Water

In addition to all the treatments proposed, your skin needs hydration.
It is fundamental if you want to achieve good and healthy skin. Remember to stay hydrated from the inside out by drinking at least two litres of water daily.

As we have seen, there are several methods you can adopt to avoid dry skin; also, check out ” 10 Super Moisturising DIY Natural Remedies.”

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