The Importance of Contraceptives in a Woman’s Life: Which One to Choose and When Best to Use

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Contraception plays a crucial role in the life of a fertile woman. Today, there are numerous contraceptives available, including hormonal and barrier methods.

The most commonly used barrier method is the condom, which not only effectively prevents unwanted pregnancies but also aids in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.


The Choice of Contraception and Its Method

Choosing the right contraceptive method is an important decision for a woman and requires appropriate counselling. Young women must seek gynaecological consultation when selecting the most suitable contraceptive method for themselves and their partners.

During this consultation, various methods will be presented, and the different modes of administration will be explained, facilitating a shared decision-making process between the woman and her gynaecologist.

Types of Hormonal Contraceptives

There are different types of hormonal contraceptives available. Some are taken orally, such as the contraceptive pill or mini-pill. However, there are numerous hormonal contraceptive formulations on the market, which can be represented by intrauterine devices (IUDs), including hormonal-releasing spirals, or long-acting subcutaneous implants. These formulations offer the advantage of not requiring daily administration. Other options include internal vaginal rings (NuvaRing) or transdermal patches.

How to Managing Side Effects

While taking hormonal contraceptives, women may experience unwanted side effects. These side effects are typically mild, such as a slight weight gain. However, most of these unwanted effects can be controlled through consultation with a gynaecologist or other healthcare professionals.
They can modify the formulation or adjust the progestin levels to meet the individual’s specific needs.

The choice to use hormonal contraception is generally driven by a woman’s desire to protect herself against unwanted pregnancies. However, in some cases, there are gynaecological conditions that necessitate the use of hormonal contraception. For example, in cases of endometriosis or menstrual irregularities, in this case, hormonal contraceptive pills may be indicated.

Choosing the Best Contraceptive Method

Today, there is a wide range of contraceptive methods available. It includes various hormonal formulations with different modes of administration, intrauterine devices, or subcutaneous implants that offer long-lasting effectiveness. Therefore, when selecting a contraceptive method, women should consult their gynaecologists, discuss their needs and concerns regarding contraception and sexuality, and make informed decisions together.

By consulting with a healthcare professional, women can confidently choose the most suitable contraceptive method that aligns with their individual needs and preferences. This personalized approach ensures effective contraception while maintaining overall well-being.

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