How to Combine Your Big Nigerian Traditional and White Wedding

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Nigerian Traditional & White Wedding

A woman dreams of walking down the aisle in a graceful white gown to meet her future partner. Joyous strides to the Altar mark the beginning of a marital journey. This leap is usually followed by an elaborate feast. 

In Africa the situation is different. Marriage is sealed and delivered the day traditional rites hold – Igba nkwu, in Igbo land, or Igbe iyawo, in Yoruba land. Read more about The Nigerian Bride Price and its practice in 2021.

During such weddings, couples manifest consent to their union. Parents offer validatory blessings of acceptance and goodwill. The feast hosts a rather large crowd. And celebrants dress in extraordinary attire. 

A family that professes the Christian faith is duty-bound to consecrate marriage. It is a religious obligation. A dual marriage celebration leaves a huge financial burden on the new family.

The question is how to merge two marriages to become a single event.

To Merge Traditional and White Weddings Into One Marriage Ceremony Is Possible.

The Problem Side

Traditional Wedding

A Christian can merge two marriage rites into one without the sin of syncretism. Religious syncretism is the fusing of two religious norms into a single practice.

African marriage entertain rites which are not acceptable to Christendom. Parents may invoke the protection of dead ancestors to guide and protect the couple.

They may sacrifice animals to appease the gods rather than for entertainment. The church frowns at such religious rites which it regards as pagan practice.

The Solution Between Church Teaching on Doctrine, Dogma, and African Marriage

Inculturation is the solution to marriage mergers. It will reduce unnecessary expenditure. 

What Then Is Inculturation? 

Inculturation is the contextualization of the scriptures. It seeks to impact on ways of living of the indigenous people.

African theologians champion the new approach. It redefines the relevance of the word of God making it impactful to the African believer.

I will give Inculturation more space in my future writings. But suffice it for our purpose that male/female companionship dates back to creation.

White Wedding
  • In Genesis 2:18 God pronounced that “it is not good for the man to be alone.” We can agree that God instituted a man/woman union.
  • In Genesis 1:27-28. He blessed them, asked them to be fertile and multiply. Blessing is what parents repeat during ceremonial rites. 
  • In Genesis 2:24. Christianity recognises a union by adding the word sacrament. The sacrament of Matrimony binds believers with new conditions.

This is why a believing couple goes to church after traditional marriage. Jesus Christ filtered Jewish marriage with a Sacrament.

The same is possible in Africa through inculturation. Christ is the light that illuminates every culture. 

Now that we have thrown some light on marriage rites, what about planning to save costs? 

Wedding planning is outside the purpose of this post. Expert planners can handle it. We affirm it is possible. 

The glamour of both cultural and white weddings appeals to many. The right to choose is personal and legit. Go ahead and grab it!

Why spend your scarce resources on organizing two weddings if you can do one? If you decide to dualize, let it be within your financial capacity.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

White Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

Western culture organizes a party to usher the groom and bride into married life. Men do Bachelor night, women call it Bachelorette.

Traditional marriage can replace the alien practice with glamour. Why not! The dream pageantry is retained. And everyone is happy.

It is a question of organizing it to fit, just as Bachelor night precedes the next day. Have you found Mr Right or Miss Right? Are you still searching? Why not commit it to prayers?
Looking for something to watch? Watch The Wedding Party Today.

Good luck!!

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