John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Welcome Their Fourth Child Via Surrogate

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John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Welcome Their Fourth Child Via Surrogate
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In a heartwarming surprise, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen shared the joyous news that their family has grown.

On June 28th, the couple announced the arrival of their fourth child, a baby boy, who was born through a surrogate. The proud parents took to social media, posting adorable photos of their newest addition and revealing his name, Ren Alexander Stevens.

Teigen is a renowned cookbook author and television personality, who expressed her long-standing desire to have four children. She explained that after the devastating loss of their son, Jack, she doubted whether she would be able to carry another child on her own. However, she emphasized the incredible support she received from loved ones during that challenging time, who were determined to shield her from further pain and loss.

In 2021, John and Chrissy turned to a surrogacy agency, embarking on a journey to expand their family. Despite considering surrogacy, she shared that she had a strong desire to try carrying a child one more time. Fearing regret and longing for closure, she expressed her concerns to John, who fully supported her decision. Shortly after, the couple resumed the IVF process, and to their delight, she became pregnant with their baby girl.

During this time, fate brought them an extraordinary surrogate, Alexandra. She described her as an amazing, loving, and compassionate woman, who played an invaluable role in their journey. Although the first embryo they tried didn’t survive, Chrissy and John rejoiced when they discovered that Alexandra was carrying their little boy. Grateful for Alexandra’s selfless act, Chrissy expressed her profound appreciation for the incredible gift bestowed upon them.

Chrissy and John acknowledged that Ren’s name will always be connected to Alexandra, the remarkable surrogate who made their dreams come true.

Ren’s birth comes more than two years after John and Chrissy tragically lost their son, Jack, due to pregnancy complications.

The couple courageously resumed their IVF treatments, and in August 2022, they shared the news of her pregnancy. In January of the following year, they welcomed baby Estee. Throughout their journey, they cherished the memory of Jack and believe that Ren’s angelic presence is a reflection of their beloved son.

Congratulations, and we celebrate their new blessing.

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