Here Are 3 Slumber or Birthday Party at Home Ideas

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Organising a slumber party means bringing the party to your house. It’s a fun and memorable moment, and you get to spend it with friends that are younger or older than you. It is one occasion that makes us feel, for one evening, the protagonists of an American TV show!

You either spend the night:

  • Watching romantic-comedy movies/ tv series;
  • Looking at old pictures;
  • Baking cookies;
  • Playing board games;
  • Putting on nail polish while sharing those memorable moments with friends or family is a unique way.

When organising a slumber party, it can be cheap and easy. Depending on your age and interests, you can plan many activities during a sleepover.

What are the benefits of a slumber party? Well, you don’t have to move around, as you can organise everything from the comfort of your home.

Slumber party ideas with friends

There is no age limit when planning for a sleepover!

Even if you are no longer a child, it’s still a moment you can share with the people you love. The idea of ​​organising a sleepover with friends is forever valid, even when you are no longer a teenager.

The fun begins way before the arrival of your guest. Those who get to host the party make all the decorations and pick the games. Here are three examples.

1- Films and TV series

Slumber Party

You can start by selecting Disney classics. Visualize your way through timeless 90s TV series/movies. There are lots of choices, and you can never go wrong with any.

2- Beauty Treatment or Home SPA

Those girls who love to be impeccable always inform us about the latest make-up product released on the market, new tutorials, and fashion trends.

The idea is to share a few hours between creams, face masks, nail polishes, and tweezers, taking care of yourself and making yourself beautiful.

3- Karaoke

Before night falls, a slumber party cannot be a slumber party if you don’t include karaoke. Remember to use a hairbrush instead of a microphone to sing.

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Remember! Throw your shyness away!

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