Nollywood Movie Recommends: A Night in July

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Are you are looking for something new to watch this weekend, then don’t miss out on ‘A Night in July’!”

A Night in July: Uche Montana & Eso Dike

A Strange Night and Discovering Secrets.
This exciting story is about a young woman searching for answers. It all starts on a confusing night when she suddenly forgets things and her wedding is suddenly called off. As she tries to remember, she realizes she’s been lied to. The story gets more complicated as she finds out more lies and tricks. But during this tough time, she finds comfort where she least expects it. Her story shows how learning the truth can change a person’s life and reminds us that life can be full of surprises.

Showing now on Omoni Oboli TV

Movie Title: A Night in July

Director: Omoni Oboli | Runtime: 90 Minutes | Genres: Nollywood, African Movies, Romantic, Romantic Movies

Audio: English, Nigerian Pidgin English

Cast: Uche Montana, Jenifer Nnorugba, Eso Dike, Tony Mezie, Habiba, Helen Samuel, Martins Ogbebor, Oluboyo Solomon, and Olufemi David.

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